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印刷電路板 (PCB) 是所有電子產品的關鍵零組件。PCB 設計或裝配中的任何錯誤都可能導致產品故障。

近年來工程師的壓力與日俱增,不斷被要求要設計更小、靈活性更佳且具備高效能的 PCB 電路板,以滿足消費者對穿戴式裝置、智慧型手機、5G和物聯網 (IoT) 產品的需求。

透過證明 PCB 不僅符合法規安全要求,還通過了可靠的運行測試,提高客戶的信心。UL 的性能測試與認證計畫適用於全面的 PCB 設計與材料範圍。

透過 UL 測試保護您的產品聲譽。50 多年以來,UL 一直在推進安全科學,以支援 PCB 合規評估,現在還涵蓋廣泛的性能測試,可幫助提高您的產品的可靠性聲譽。


UL 可根據 UL 標準和許多其他國際、國家和地區要求(包括 ASTM、IPC 和 IEC)提供全面的 PCB 測試和認證服務。

UL 可幫助您獲得在每一個目標市場上實現成功所需的信心。UL 根據要求提供的常見測試包括進階失效分析、化學測試、電氣測試、環境測試、燃燒性測試以及機械和物理能測試。

Testing Services for PCBs

UL services include:

Pre-Certification Services

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Project optimization
  • Quotation

Safety Testing & Certification

  • PCB-specific compliance to UL Standards
  • PCB-related compliance
  • UL Recognized Components
  • Production Board Testing

Performance & Reliability Testing

  • Thermal and Environmental Conditioning
  • Structural Integrity and Failure Analysis via Microsection
  • Interconnect Stress Testing (IST)
  • Signal Integrity Testing
  • Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Testing
  • Conformal Coating & Solder Mask Testing

Overall Testing Capability

  • Advanced Analytical
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Flammability
  • Mechanical & Physical

Why UL?

UL is the only organization that issues PCB safety standards. Make use of our technical expertise in safety testing and certification services to achieve regulatory compliance as well as communicate to customers that your product has been tested to the benchmark of product safety.

UL’s extensive relationships across the entire printed wiring board supply chain have manufacturers turning to us when they are looking for reliable components from trustworthy sources. Your customers will also value how UL assists them to eliminate duplicate testing of the finished end products when they contain UL Recognized components.

All testing can be conducted in UL accredited laboratories or in your own qualified facilities. We can accelerate testing to your time frame. View UL’s PCB solutions brochure.

UL PCB Recognition Program

PCB components and materials that are recognized by UL are known to have undergone the industry’s most stringent safety testing and follow-up program. UL Recognized Components are listed in UL’s Online Certifications Directory  and the UL iQTM database. This allows your customers to search and identify the components and materials they need to complete their subassemblies or end products.