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Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to a whole new generation of smart products – wearables, cars, and even toasters that can talk to each other and connect to the Internet. Manufacturers have much to consider when designing their IoT devices. It is not all about bells and whistles. Networking is one of the most important considerations. No doubt you will be confronted with a choice of different wireless technologies that have evolved with IoT. Once you have designed your IoT device to a particular protocol, you need to ensure it can perform to the standard and communicate with other devices. Out of the box interoperability minimizes time to market and improves customer satisfaction.

Certification gives consumers the confidence that the product interoperates as advertised. UL is an accredited test laboratoy for many wireless and IoT standards organizations. UL can help manufacturers conduct individual certification testing or create a test plan for all use cases in a real-world setting.