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Vehicles today are smarter and more connected than ever. With current car technologies now managing infotainment, telematics, diagnostics, sensors and remote access, it has never been more important to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on vehicles. Vehicles inherently present many challenges with respect to safety and security, which are emphasized with the integration of connected technologies inside and outside the car.

推出 UL 車輛網路安全計畫

為了解决這些問題,UL 很自豪地推出了我們最新的網路安全計畫:UL 車輛網路安全計畫 (VCSP)。VCSP 在 UL 的加州費利蒙矽谷實驗室外營運,重點關注汽車及其部件的車輛網路物理安全風險。


什麼是 VCSP?