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任何电子设备之间的意外互动以及设备的辐射都会对电子设备或无线电系统产生负面影响。新产品在上市之前要达到电磁兼容性 (EMC) 要求,更不要说这在很多国家是强制性的。目前,还没有通用的 EMC 标准;每个国家的 EMC 要求可能有所不同;设备制造商需要掌握监管变化,以确保顺利地进入市场。例如,之前符合 EMC 指令 (EMCD) 的广播接收器等无线电设备需要过渡至新的无线电设备指令 (RED),才能在欧盟出售。

UL 在帮助销售商开展合规及预认证测试方面有二十多年的经验。预认证测试能在设计阶段检测并解决潜在的设计漏洞并提高实际合规测试的成功率。

Why is EMC Testing Important?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing analyzes the ability of electronic devices to operate as expected in proximity to other electronic devices or in the presence of electromagnetic emissions. UL test laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for emission and immunity testing. Understanding EMC testing can seem daunting, but UL will guide you through every step of the compliance process to ensure your products meet EMC requirements in all of your target markets.

Complete Support

We offer full support and advice from design concept to product completion. By integrating our expertise into your product development, for example, you can avoid costly errors in design and accelerate time to market. Our customized testing solutions enhance process efficiency and reduce testing cycles, ensuring you make the most of your time and budget.

Worldwide Accreditation

Our full-service EMC laboratories are accredited by numerous regulatory agencies, governments, and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)-recognized Accreditation Bodies in all major markets. UL can perform EMC testing to the requirements of regulatory agencies such FCC in the USA, ISED in Canada, and similar bodies in Japan, Singapore, Korea, and many others. Through these accreditations, our test reports will help you gain access to the global market.

Global Presence, Local Service

Our international presence delivers local expertise in the local language across each of your target markets. And our Global Market Access program extends this seamless approach. By combining EMC testing services with global safety certification, UL offers all the benefits of a true one-stop-shop.