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Customers around the globe demand more transparency from the brands they choose. Companies make a lot of claims and with the UL Verification Mark you will assure consumers that your claims are reliable. We provide independent testing to substantiate your marketing claims, improve your brand image ultimately grow your sales.

Distinctive and Credible Proof of Marketing Claim

Customized, independent, objective, science-based assessment confirms and communicates the accuracy of a marketing claim.

Differentiated Program and Claim Language

With scientific rigor, UL evaluates the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, providing a way to separate fact from fiction.

Competitive and Tangible UL Verified Mark

The makeup of the Verified Mark relays a description of UL Verified marketing claim, and provides a unique identifier enabling buyers to look up more information about a specific UL Verified claim.

Online list of UL Verified marketing claims

Confidence and Simplicity Around Buying Process

Makes the customer’s decision process easier and relays reliability, performance or feature benefits to customers and end consumers.