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UL helps manufacturers by sharing its expertise and research through training and advisory services such as public seminars, webinars, and e-learning. Use the UL Knowledge Services (formerly known as UL University) to learn how to develop safer products.

UL can also provide customized private training curriculum or advisory services upon request.
Led by an experienced team of subject matter experts, our training provides an insightful understanding of current industry regulations, standards and best practices.

UL offers:

Real-World Knowledge – information, tools and techniques you can put into practice

Tailored Training – customized to your specific needs

Competitive Advantage – by staying up to date with the latest industry-critical information

Industry-Leading Advice – Subject Matter Experts offer unrivalled depth of knowledge

UL offers expert advice and training through public seminars, webinars and e-learning.

Why is Training Important?

In today’s fast-moving global marketplace, training is more important than ever. By keeping you on top of the latest developments, UL can help to keep your business at the cutting edge. Insightful industry-critical knowledge ensures you retain the skills and resources to continue anticipating and adapting to change.