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Bluetooth is embedded in many electronic devices from headsets to printers making this low-energy wireless protocol ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is imperative for Bluetooth device manufacturers to ensure Bluetooth certification as well as conduct pre-launch interoperability testing with existing Bluetooth accessories to ensure market success.

UL provides an unrivaled depth of expertise in Bluetooth qualification with:

  • Global Reach– testing and certification in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Full Service Bluetooth Laboratories– accredited by all regulatory agencies
  • All-in-one Testing Solutions – the complete range of profile, protocol and RF testing
  • The Best Engineers – practical advice and support to help ensure you get the test result you need to launch on time

Why is Bluetooth Qualification Important?

Any wireless device incorporating Bluetooth technology must comply with Bluetooth regulations in order to display the Bluetooth trademark.

Worldwide Accreditation

UL is a fully accredited Bluetooth Certification wireless test facility, covering all layers and standards of Bluetooth testing for global markets. As active members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and Bluetooth Review Board, we also enjoy a unique insight into future Bluetooth developments – which can then be built into your product’s certification.

Complete All-In-One Support

Our ‘one-stop service’ guides you through every step of the conformance and certification process, making your route to market faster, straightforward and cost-effective. We can help you build compliance into your designs. Ensure your product works with all other Bluetooth devices and avoid any costly surprises down the line with our:

  • Pre-compliance
  • Advisory services
  • Interoperability
  • Bluetooth® SMART, Bluetooth® SMART READY, and classic Bluetooth® qualification testing

UL provides an unrivaled depth of expertise in Bluetooth qualification.

Global Presence, Local Service

With Bluetooth Qualification Experts and test facilities located around the world, we can work closely with you to identify qualification requirements, formulate test plans, and assist with the formal listing of your product on the Bluetooth Qualified Design List (QDL). All at a local level, wherever you are based.

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