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More than 800 million smart meters will be deployed globally by 2020. [1] Compared to the traditional meters, smart meters provide consumers with a clearer picture of real-time energy consumption. At the same time, there is a growing number of web and mobile applications to help consumers manage energy use.

The Green Button Alliance was launched to help consumers obtain their energy usage information in a secure and easy-to-read Green Button format. By clicking the Green Button on the service provider’s website or application, consumers can track their energy usage patterns and make informed decisions to save energy. This industry-led initiative that started from North America is attracting interest from government bodies from other countries.

To encourage adoption, service providers need to address user privacy and security concerns.

As a founding member of the Green Button Alliance, UL has developed the Green Button Download My Data (DMD) Testing and Certification program to ensure safe exchange of information between the consumer and the service provider. Certified products can display the Green Button Certified DMD® or Green Button Certified CMD® logo and will be listed in the consumer-friendly Green Button Alliance database.

If you currently have a Green Button Download My Data solution, please contact UL or Green Button Alliance  to initiate a quotation for Certification.

Why UL?

  • UL is the only Green Button Alliance-authorized test laboratory to conduct the DMD Testing and Certification program.
  • UL has the resources and the expertise to process your certification testing in a timely manner.
  • UL is an active participant in the Green Button committees to address any new testing and certification scope as the program evolves.

[1] 30 Jan 2014, Telefonica (2014), The Smart Meter Revolution. Towards a smarter future