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Growing energy costs environmental concerns are a concern for many households. Consumers around the world are turning to energy efficient products to save money and reduce their environmental impact. Manufacturers can tap into this growing demand by incorporating energy efficiency into product design.

Energy efficiency regulations are also on the rise. Some countries have adopted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s ENERGY STAR, a voluntary energy-efficiency labeling program, to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. In the United States and Canada, manufacturers are required to comply with mandatory energy requirements.

UL can help you reduce risks and capture market opportunities through certification and verification testing. We offer the following Energy Efficiency services for consumer and commercial products: Energy Verification SchemeEnergy Efficient Certification, and ENERGY STAR.

UL Energy Efficiency Certification: This program is designed to help you comply with energy requirements outlined by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), California Energy Commission (CEC), and Department of Energy (DOE). Manufacturers can use the UL Energy Efficiency Certification Mark to differentiate their certified products from competitors. Consumers can look up certified products in UL’s Energy Efficiency Product Database.

UL Energy Verification Scheme: UL provides third-party verification of your product’s energy efficiency rating. Certified products can display a UL mark that indicates to consumers and retailers that your product meets energy performance standards. UL will follow up with quarterly field inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.

EPA’s ENERGY STAR:  UL is an EPA-recognized Certification Body that can carry out product qualification and verification to ENERGY STAR requirements. Certified products are required to undergo annual verification testing to demonstrate energy saving performance on an ongoing basis. Certified ENERGY STAR products will be listed under ENERGY STAR’s product finder.

Why UL?

  • UL is authorized by EPA to conduct testing for ENERGY STAR qualification and verification.
  • UL provides a one-stop solution for energy efficiency certifications as well as safety testing to speed up time-to-market.
  • UL laboratories are conveniently located around the world so you can send your product for testing at the location closest to you.

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