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Connectivity is vital to the success of smart cities. A research study showed that 75% of cities have plans in place to significantly increase investment in Wi-Fi. Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is an industry group of mobile operators and equipment manufacturers working together to standardize public Wi-Fi connectivity. Users would be able to enter a Wi-Fi zone they are authorized to use and be handed over to the next network without having to sign in again. This Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) initiative offers a cellular-like secure Wi-Fi roaming experience.

WBA is conducting NGH trials that simulate customers using carrier services in real life scenarios, credentials and devices. WBA introduced the Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC) program based on these trials. UL can assist WBA members with certification testing under this program.

Connectivity is vital to the success of smart cities.

Why is Carrier Wireless Services Certification important?

WBA members can test their equipment in a real multi-carrier network for Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi roaming and address any gaps that occur before commercial release. Vendors can avoid consumer backlash and damage to their brand by having their products work properly at launch.

Worldwide Accreditation

UL is a fully accredited WBA test laboratories. As active member of the WBA working group, we apply our knowledge of current and future WBA developments with clients.