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Vehicles today are smarter and more connected than ever. With current car technologies now managing infotainment, telematics, diagnostics, sensors and remote access, automotive cybersecurity is more important than ever. Vehicles inherently present many challenges with respect to safety and security, which are emphasized with the integration of connected technologies inside and outside the car.

Introducing the UL Vehicle CyberSecurity Program

In response to these new challenges, UL is proud to introduce our newest cybersecurity initiative: the UL Vehicle CyberSecurity Program (VCSP). VCSP operates out of UL’s Silicon Valley facility – Fremont, CA  focusing on vehicle cyber-physical security risks throughout cars and their components.

Our mission is to advance secure automotive technology through ongoing research, testing, and repeatable methodologies.

What is VCSP?

Our work begins with research on all the attack surfaces today’s vehicles present. Using the latest tools and methods, our security experts characterize the evolving threats and vulnerabilities in vehicles and vehicle components and translate those findings into an industry-standard assessment of a given vehicle’s cybersecurity footing, for the benefit of every stakeholder of the evaluated product.