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DGN & IFT Authorization granted in December 2018

We are pleased to share that UL’s certification office in Mexico is authorized by DGN – Direccion General de Normas and IFT – Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones to operate under EMA accreditation no. 57/11 as a certification office for Telecom and Wireless products.

This authorization should help our customers in all connected industries reduce their turnaround time and accelerate access to the Mexican market.

Customers are already able to test for the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) approval in the U.S. since September 2017 per the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), signed between the U.S. and Mexico governments. UL U.S. laboratories are accredited to test to NOM-208-SCFI-2016 and IFT-008-2015.

UL experts can work with you to process IFT approval in your own time zone,  language and help you avoid documentation issues with local certification bodies.

We are able to operate as a certification office for the following standards:

NOM-208-SCFI-2016 – For devices operating in the frequency bands 2400-2483.5MHz, 5725-5850MHz and 902-928MHz, with its Technical Disposition:

IFT-005-2016 – For digital interface at 2048 kbit/s and 34368 kbit/s
NOM-196-SCFI-2016 – For terminal equipment that is connected or interconnected through wired access to a public telecommunications network, with its Technical Disposition:

IFT-004-2016 – For wired access to the public telecommunication network

NOM-218-SCFI-2017 – For radiocommunication devices with digital interfaces operating at 2048 kbit/s and at 34368 kbit/h with its Technical Disposition:

IFT-008-2015 – For spread spectrum in 900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz band.

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