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Publication Date February 1, 2018

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) decided that power banks are regarded as li-ion batteries under the scope of regulated electrical appliances, PSE (Circle) mark from February 1st, 2018. The grace period will be 1 year.

​According to Order for Enforcement of the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, lithium-ion batteries, limited to those consisting of secondary cell of which energy density is not less than 400Wh/L, are in the scope of regulated electrical appliances, PSE (Circle) mark.

(Excluding those used for automobiles, motorized bicycles, medical equipment and industrial equipment.)

Furthermore, not only power banks, but any products that have a li-ion battery inside and supply DC voltage to other products are also in regulated electrical appliances, PSE (Circle) mark as li-ion batteries.

Products scope for this update including:

  • Portable lithium ion storage battery (Mobile battery, Power bank)
  • Charger cases for electronic cigarette and wireless headphones

After the grace period, the products in storage now, also will subject to the regulation in order to sell in Japan.

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