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Anatel – National Telecommunications Agency – through the publication of Act No. 4735 of Jun 21, 2018, extends the mandatory testing of radiated emission and immunity to radiated radiofrequency disturbances to telecommunications products covered by Act No. 14,448 of December 4, 2017.

According to the Agency, this action is necessary until the studies to create and publish a harmonized rule for the technical evaluation of these products according to the requirements of EMC.

The products that are part of the scope of Act No. 14.448 of December 4, 2017, are exempt from these tests until August 28, 2018, or until the harmonization studies are completed, this is valid for new homologations as well as well as for product certification maintenance processes.

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For details on the changes, see:

Act nº 4735 dated Jun 21, 2018

Act nº 14.448 dated Dec 04, 2017

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