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Four of the top 10 countries for high-tech exports are in Europe. London makes the list of top 10 cities for startups globally. Some of the best-known European automotive makers lead the next wave of connected cards and autonomous driving.

With a consumer population of 740 million, Europe is an attractive market for tech manufacturers. Consumers in Europe are tech-savvy and passionate about technology such as wearables and connected devices. One survey showed that tech brands account for 64% of brand posts on social media in Europe. Negative customer experience can potentially damage brand reputation at the click of a button.

Despite having harmonised standards, the regulatory landscape in Europe can be complex. For example, you need to identify the EU requirements for your product to obtain a CE marking to sell in Europe. UL knows the local European markets well and will help you gain market access. We offer customized testing services that include regulatory requirements as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

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