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The Asia Pacific region namely: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, ASEAN, South Asia and ANZ, is experiencing rapid urbanization. It is home to megacities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta, Delhi, and Mumbai. With a growing urban population, there is plenty of exponential business growth in the region for consumer electronics manufacturers.

It is important for manufacturers not to treat the Asia Pacific region as a single market. The countries in this region are as diverse in their cultures as they are in their languages. One thing they have in common is that consumers in the Asian Pacific region have a strong appetite and demand for new technologies such as connected devices and virtual reality. Foreign brands have to compete with local brands on quality, price, and brand image to expand their foothold in the region.

This region offers tremendous tech opportunities, including selling products, sourcing and local manufacturing. High tech products sold in Asia Pacific markets need to meet relevant regulatory requirements and adapt to local needs. You need a strong, dependable network of suppliers, distributors and carriers with local expertise to ensure success.

UL will help you gain market access and navigate the different regulations for each country in the Asia Pacific region. Our core competencies are in safety testing, regulatory compliance, industry certifications, as well as training and advisory services. We can prepare your product for regulatory submission in a single country or across a range of global markets.

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