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One of the trepidations facing manufacturers of AV/ICT equipment in adopting IEC 62368-1 has been the potential impact of the standard’s requirements on procurement activities throughout the global component supply chain, especially for components like switch mode power supplies (SMPS) that also are investigated to the same standard as the equipment/system.

For components and subassemblies that fall under the scope of either IEC 60065 or IEC 60950-1, a mature certification system has been in place for many years that has allowed the component supply chain to meet the needs of equipment and systems designers seeking to demonstrate compliance of their products with either IEC 60065 or IEC 60950-1 and the national and/or regional equivalents of these standards.

With the introduction of IEC 62368-1, the new hazard-based standard for safety of AV/ICT equipment, and with both the EU and U.S. announcing a formal transition date of December 20, 2020 to the requirements of the new standard, manufacturers may rightly wonder whether the new standard will upset the established supply chain system for high tech components that has been in place and worked well for so many years.

This white paper is part of a series of of technical documents produced by UL experts to address challenges and developments in consumer technology.