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This brochure will answer many of your laser safety questions including:

What are the laser product safety requirements?

How is a potential laser hazard from a product conveyed?

How is the Class of a laser determined?

If I incorporate an FDA/CDRH and/or IEC 60825-1 certified component into my end product, do I need to do anything additional to address laser safety requirements?

How do I know if the laser radiation emitted from a product is hazardous?

I have an Accession Letter from the FDA/CDRH for a laser product – does this mean the FDA/CDRH has confirmed the product complies with the FDA/CDRH laser safety requirements?

Does UL offer any services to help laser product manufacturers prepare the CDRH Report for submittal to the FDA/CDRH?

Provides a brief overview of UL’s services across industries and markets.