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Electrical System Safety for Personal e-Transporters – Webinar

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Advances in e-mobility, such as e-bikes and
e-scooters, have the potential to reshape our transportation landscape
for consumers and businesses. As demand grows, it is critical for
these products to meet requirements that address and ensure electrical
system safety. UL, a global leader in safety science, is leading the
charge with two dedicated standards focused on the battery and
charging components: UL 2272 for e-Scooters & e-Mobility Devices as
well as UL 2849 for e-Bikes.

Join UL experts on April 10, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST for a live one-hour
webinar exploring how these standards help define safe electric design
practices for personal e-Transportation to benefit consumers,
manufacturers, shared services and Authorities Having Jurisdiction
(AHJs) such as municipalities. We’ll cover the current standards for
e-scooters/e-mobility devices and e-bikes, provide a standard
development update, deliver regulatory updates from regional markets
including Singapore and share a variety of resources available to help
you stay in charge of e-mobility electrical safety.

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